Ocular Allergy Testing

It’s time to treat the cause instead of just the symptoms. This year is considered one of the worst for allergies.

We are now offering a new, fast and easy allergy test here in our office that is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies.

Diagnostic ocular allergy testing is a simple way to identify what’s causing your discomfort so you can finally get permanent relief. Ocular allergies affect 24 million Americans, but unfortunately, they often go undetected. Ocular allergy symptoms can cause chronic irritation that can interfere with daily activities.

How does the test work? The test scratches the skin’s surface with trace amounts of the 60 most common allergens in Illinois. Results are available just 10 minutes later. It is covered by insurance. 90% of patients tested have at least one allergy. The test is painless—no shots, no needles!

What happens if I test positive for allergies? Most patients significantly improve their symptoms simply by avoidance .The doctor will also customize a treatment plan for you.

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