Patient Testimonials


What our patients have to say

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  • Standard Lens Patients

    “GREAT – The BEST – Dr. Miller did a great job. Couldn’t ask for any better!”

    Gene Lindsay,
  • Standard Lens Patients

    “Wonderful place to have an excellent, experienced doctor (Dr. Miller). The staff is excellent… Highly recommend Miller Eye Center.”

    Donald C. Koy,
  • Standard Lens Patients

    “I can drive without glasses and can see TV clearly. It’s great! Very pleasant. The staff is professional, courteous and supportive.”

    Olukunle Obadina, MD, (came from Africa for the surgery)
  • TORIC Lens Patients

    “Night-time is like driving in heaven! I enjoy driving again!”

    Fred Ohr, Dentist - Pilot
  • TORIC Lens Patients

    “It’s wonderful to see – 100% different! No need for glasses! I’ve recommended Miller Eye Center to two friends!”

    Kevin J. Ahlgren, Mechanic
  • ReSTOR® Patients

    “A world of difference! I tell everyone I don’t have to wear glasses! I have never seen better!”

    Velma Owens, Machine operator
  • ReSTOR® Patients

    “Seeing the world as it is… able to read easily without glasses. I definitely would recommend Dr. Miller!”

    John Peterson, Clinical Psychologist
  • ReSTOR® Patients

    “Very pleased! I can drive, read and see when I am swimming – everything is so clear! It is like a new awakening!”

    Candy Morris, Accountant
  • ReSTOR® Patients

    “My vision is now 20/20! I read small print and see much better at night. Colors are much better, reds are redder and blues are bluer!”

    Jerry Clifton, Computer Systems Analyst
  • ReSTOR® Patients

    “I have never been able to see this well before! It’s a remarkable change! I read without glasses which has been impossible for years! Best vision I’ve ever had!”

    Mary Raum, Secretary